Art of Sleep

SleepWe spend a third of our life sleeping. Make sure your time is not wasted; learn the art of sleep.

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Introducing Sleep

As children our most frequent introduction to the subject of sleep was our parents promises of it being needed to “Grow” or become “Beautiful” or because Santa Claus will not deliver your present. However, they did not teach us to sleep, it just seemed a natural thing.

One good reason for sleep being a natural thing was that is used to be that way. Our ancestors woke up with the sun and slept in the dark. The day was so precious for hunting and other physical work created a natural desire to sleep.

Today with man made light we can carry on doing things like it was day. Shift work, less physical work and life’s mental stresses have created headlines that make you wonder what is going wrong.

Tiredness seems to be the plague of our age. Surveys have shown that almost 25pc of the population, will say fatigue has been a problem for them over the past month. (Daily Mail)

Insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic  (Sleep Health Organisation – USA)

The simple answer is that we need to understand more about the sleep process and adjust our sleep routine to suit the environment we operate in.

I have attempted to pull together research from around the world and provide some answers and routines to help you. You see my findings in a paper I have called.

All You Need to Know About Sleep

It is free and you can download it here, the Main Sections are

  1. The Sleep Process
  2. Impact of Sleep Deprivation
  3. Good Sleep Solutions
  4. Ideal Sleep Routine

All You Need to Know About Sleep 3.99 MB 9 downloads Version 2019/1

A research based paper that provides a guide to sleep. ...

The Sleep Process

During your sleep your will go through several 90 minute cycles. Each cycle has 5 stages.

5 Stages of Sleep,
Source: Sleep Genius


This video looks at the importance of Deep Sleep.


Getting a Better Sleep

Some tips here for improving your sleep.

How to Fix 9 Common Sleep Problems

How to Fix 9 Common Sleep Problems

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Informatic produced by Tech Insider from a variety of Research Establishments ...


Take a Nap

How Long to Nap

How Long to Nap

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Informatic on napping by the Pew Research Social and Demographic Trends 2009 ...



There is an enormous amount of research going into sleep throughout the world.

Sleep research organisations: