What is Timelyness?

Timelyness is a Simpler, Smarter and More Natural alternative to Time Management.

It focuses on your behaviour so you become more efficient, effective and happier.

When I asked my friend Jonathan to write the foreword to The Myth of Time Management book, he reminded me of the key sales mantra, “ people do not buy products, they buy benefits”.

Having worked for many years at one of the Top UK Management Colleges, Dr.Jon, as I call him, was equally aware that people failed to get to grips with Time Management principles and so he welcomed a new approach but asked me “what is it about, what will people get from it.”

Having attended one of the top courses in the 1980’s (Time Management International-TMI) and taught the subject at the University of Portsmouth Business School, my search was for an alternative solution that people could use more easily and successfully. In my research I found many criticisms of Time Management principles and a constant flow of articles showing people still struggling with it and suffering from the consequences like work overload, stress and poor lifestyles.

In simple terms Timelyness is an alternative approach to Time Management that:

  • Focuses on you and how your mind and body impact on your actions; not time.
  • Helps you develop best behaviors in terms of daily routines to maximize your ability to have a good day
  • Utilises research and proven management principles to plan your week, month and year for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Uses one simple tool, the Living Diary.

Its main aim is to “Make Work Fit the Time YOU Want to Give it” and its objectives are:

a) To set up a work pattern that maximizes your efficiency and effectiveness to be successful at work

b) Create a Balance between work, home, leisure and pleasure that suits you.

c) Develop habits and routines that maintain or improve your health and well being.

Traditional problems like procrastination, prioritizing, To-Do lists, wasting time and multitasking are handled in a natural and logical manner.

So, the Benefits of Timelyness are it is:

  1. Easier to Start, so you have a better chance of success
  2. Simpler to Use, no filofaxes or complicated tools
  3. Quicker to implement, you can start today
  4. Minimal cost, you can start with our free sampler
  5. Minimal risk in implementing as it is a step by step process
  6. Moulded to meet your values, beliefs and personality, so you won’t be taken out of your comfort zone.
  7. Designed to address procrastination, goals and other time problems.
  8. Develops good habits and routines to make life easier and more healthy.

Start your Day the Timelyness Way!

Getting started is easy, keeping any new behaviour going is not. So, apart from my books and resources I am here to help. You can:

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My book, The Myth of Time Management explains my research journey and basic principles.

The sequel, 7 Steps to Timelyness is the practical step by step guide to achieving Timelyness.

So, get started now by reading my Learning Timelyness Page.

Best Wishes