Myth of Time Management Free Sampler

Great News for You, A free Sampler! Great news for me, after 10 years research and writing, I have finally published my book. It’s Here.

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Cover to Myth of Time Management

It is on Amazon throughout the world and comes in e-book and paperback formats from £4.06, €4.70 or $4.99.

The great news for you, is that you will now be able to learn a better way to look after your time. Wasting time, saving time and “Prioritising Lists” will all be a thing of the past. You will use your time more effectively and more naturally.

Would you like to take a look into the book?

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If you are reluctant to buy the book then try the free sampler.

  • Introduce the book,
  • Explain how it came about,
  • See if it is suitable for you,
  • Show you how you can use the book,
  • Explain the First Myth and,
  • Gives you the first activity, to get you going on the path to Timelyness.

I would welcome any feedback on the Sampler, just use the Contact Form.

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To get your Free Sampler here.

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