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Welcome to my “News Page.” Here you can see my Twitter feed, read of updates to any of my sites, and the latest blog posts.

Site Updates

April 2019

Have uploaded my new Research Based Paper:

All You Need to Know About Sleep

Also modified my new book page:

7 Steps to Timelyness

Removed Google + Links as G+ now closed.

December 2018

I have moved my main site to a new host, new theme and new domain. I hope these will give you a better experience of Timelyness.

I have moved to Timelyness.COM, but my previous site (timelyness.CO.UK) is redirected here.

Also, you might have noticed, I have taken out an SSL certificate so you are visiting a safe site.

I have also utilised the Facebook Comments facility to help you leave comments to blog posts and ensure I keep spam comments down to a minimum.

I have changed the menus in order to provide a better “Learning Environment”.

If you have any constructive comments for improvement do let me know through my Contact Form.

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