Your Sleep and Babies Sleep

Sometimes our lack of sleep is not always down to our internal issues; there are external factors like babies sleep.

One common issue is if you have a young baby and it’s teething or just not feeling right.



Doctor Suggests

There are some products out there that have helped some babies and parents sleep and Dr. Seth Faber, a pediatrician with Beaumont and teacher at Oakland University, said self-soothing is an important task.

“We have to give them that gift,” he said.

Dr. Faber says by the age of 4 months, babies should be asleep 4-6 hours; at 6 months, they should be asleep 6-9 hours; and by 9 months they should be sleeping through the night.

During shorter sleep blocks, Dr. Faber says it’s okay to push back the baby’s bed time to match yours so you can both catch some sleep.

Dr. Faber Source: Trying to get babies to sleep through the night –


Expert Centre Guide

The Baby Centre says

“As soon as your baby is born you can start to establish good sleep habits. You may run into a few problems along the way, but stick to the basics and you’ll be well on the way to a good night’s sleep for the whole family”.

They also provide an age-by-age guide.

Some parental tips include a white noise CD, a different room, a loudly ticking clock in their room. The rhythmic ticking is soothing (regular like a heartbeat).

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