How to be the Conductor of your time, not second fiddle to others.

Michael Hyatt wrote an interesting article comparing leadership and the musical conductor.

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Become a Conductor of Your Time

So what,” you might be thinking, “…how is this going to help me with my time?

Well, you are either a Conductor of your time, or are you bowing to the demands of others – playing second fiddle?

For example; when someone asks you for a meeting do you say “Yes, what day, what time?” Then you are playing second fiddle. Do you start and finish work with everyone else, because you think this is what you need to do? Do you watch television every night, because everyone does this? Then you are playing second fiddle.

Do you feel you never have enough time to do the things you want and love to do? 

Then become a Conductor of your time.

Hyatt made the point that successful conductors start with a plan. For them it is the musical score, it gives them a sense of direction and clear idea of how it should sound. It is the basic stepping stone on which they can add their own beliefs and creativity.

Conductor or your time, Time, Timelyness

So, you can build on your beliefs and creativity and learn how to manage time in a more natural and simpler way.


Musical Score equals Capacity Plan

Firstly, most of your time problems are to do with your capacity.

I expect you are reasonably efficient in what you do, and perhaps you could be more effective; if you did not have the pressures you are under. We can go into your effectiveness another time. For now, let us focus on your capacity.

So we start with a “Capacity Plan”. Its simple and it provides a foundation stone that you can carve to suit your life.

The beauty of the “Timelyness” Capacity plan is that it does not dictate when you do something, merely indicates how long it will take. It Is not a rigid plan. You can adapt it to suit your needs. It is a simple map of how you spend your time. It’s not a schedule or a diary, it has no linear time line. It is a tool that will enable you to understand better where your time is going.


24 Piece Orchestra

There is no point in putting you in control of a full symphony orchestra (90 or more musicians). Even a string orchestra with 60 might be a challenge.

So we have a small “chamber” group of 24 players for you. The 24 hours you have in a day. You need to relate to each player and bring them together for a first run of your plan.

As you perform the plan, look and listen for any out of tune parts. It is your plan and it needs to be in tune with you.

Unlike your week, your 24 hours is largely controlled by you. So you can make changes until it looks, feels and sounds good.

I have chosen this as you need something that you have control of, something you can change, something that will provide some benefit to you immediately and help motivate you to progress to the next stage of Timelyness.



You will perform your plan every day and you will use your creativity and innovation to mould it. There is no finale; you will continue to mould your plan until you get the result you want. The key is the realisation you have control and that it can be different, then you can build on this success and start applying to your working environment.

Successful people know how to make the most of each day. Happy people reap the benefits of each day.

Timelyness people become as happy and successful as they want to be so start now.



Stop being second fiddle and start being a conductor of your time by:

  1. Downloading the Timelyness Activity Paper – Capacity Tip 1
  2. Creating your personal capacity plan
  3. Emailing me for the next step at or using my Contact Form

It’s all free, no catches, no costs; just some of your time


Best Wishes


The 21st Century Alternative to Time Management

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