What would you prefer After Hours: Emails or M……?

A new law in France (1st Jan 2017) gave workers the legal right to ignore work-related emails outside normal working hours. So what would you prefer doing After Hours; emails or M…..

So what are your thoughts on After Hours Emails?

No, it is not an EU directive and Yes, at first, you may feel it’s impractical. However the UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development have raised the issue especially over concerns on workplace stress and staff well being.

They pointed out that the Working Time Regulations 1998 was about protecting your health and safety by making you take adequate rest. The French interpreted this with a default working week maximum of 35 hours. In the UK, it was interpreted as 48 hours.

However, they wrote “in the UK (in contrast to all other EU countries) most employers choose to take advantage of an opt-out mechanism that allows employees to work for longer if they wish to do so”.

Emails are a considerable draw on your time and there is a time and place for everything. If you are in a “customer frontline role” and your income may be dependent on an email, then by all means react to it.

This law does not say you cannot answer it, it just says you have the right not too.

Now Paul Hackett, in the film “After Hours” got into all sorts of Misadventures and Masochism. I’m not suggesting you would want to do this, but would you like the right too.

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