Time Management: Discover if this is the end?

Surprise, surprise, they say you are still as stressed as you was 10 years ago. With all your productivity tools and books on Time Management why is it still happening?  What research, which tools, what is the alternative?

Stress Tired on Desk

The Research

The latest research from The Health and Safety Executive showed that stress accounted for 35% of all work related ill health cases and 43% of all working days lost due to ill health. The total number of working days lost due to this condition in 2014/15 was  9.9 million days.

Sadly this situation has changed very little in the past 10 years.

Furthermore, another report by Workwear Express  concluded that some 65% of Brits were not happy at work (The Independent), with 28% of managers feeling stressed at all time in the workplace.


The Tools

Back in 1981 I attended my first Time Management course and came away with the wallet, planner and daily plans. Now I have the tools to manage my time and be a roaring success.
TMI Folder, Time Management
Mobile Phones_edited-1

It’s marvellous, people can contact you anytime and anywhere.
It’s  incredible how all these productivity tools have flowed out onto these devices so you can share calendars, send emails whilst you walk along the street, and make a phone call wherever you are and whenever we want to.

So why are you still finding it difficult to cope? Is there an alternative approach that will make these tools more effective and help me handle the stress and strains of modern life.


The Alternative

In 2005, despite my time management training, I was struggling still to keep up with daily plans, to do lists. I was trying to teach managers how to manage their time with some trepidation. If I had difficulties, then what could I expect of them?

 Ironically, it has taken me 10 years, but  I believe I have discovered an alternative approach that is simpler and more effective.

This is a research based revelation of The Myth of Time Management and I will show you an alternative approach that could change your life for the better.
This is more of a one to one, step by step programme, and should bring you benefits and improvement from the very beginning. It utilises modern tools, but tries to minimise them, so you spend your time doing what you want to do, not doing Time Management.
I am retired now from full time work, so making money is not a major aim. Yes the book and the course will have some costs but realistic ones. When you reach that point, you will have enough information in your hands to be sure your investment will be beneficial. Till then it’s free, so choose one of the above options now and don’t look back anymore.


Summary and Action

So nothing has changed, people are still struggling with time management and the improvement in the tools available to us has not made any impact on this situation.
I hope you have not had to take time off work due to stress, but you may still be struggling. I hope you are not a manager constantly feeling under stress but let us try and make sure you are not heading this way.
So if you would like:
  • To improve your life
  • Be better at using your time
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Feel more in control of what your time
Then I would like to help you and, all you need to do at this precise point is, to keep in touch.
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Best Wishes
The 21st Century alternative to Time Management
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